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How to complete any PAEC JSA Form online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Activity hazard analysis template excel

Instructions and Help about Activity hazard analysis template excel

Hello welcome to another demonstration video for SMS pros risk management solution this solution delivers the most robust risk management tools in the aviation industry in this video I will be demonstrating the hazard risk register and proactive hazard analysis modules both tools give you the kind of documentation that is instrumental in helping you perform well in audits SMS pros risk register is not simply a hazard register or a list of your organization's hazards such as many organizations have in Excel documents SMS pros hazard risk register is integrated with the proactive hazard analysis module and is a robust multifunctional tool that outlines risk shows your top risks your control measures for each risk initial and residual risk assessment for each risk it gives you the ability to export sort and filter data and configure your hazards based on their importance when we enter the hazard risk register module we see the hazards tab which lists all of your hazards and hazard data we are able to see data for each of our divisions the first thing we see displayed here are two pie charts that show the top hazards in the past three months and six months based on how many reported issues were associated with each hazard you may also view charts for your top hazards in the past year and three years at the bottom of the page below is a list of all the hazards that you have created in the proactive hazard analysis module including the category and subcategory that the hazard belongs to a location associated with the hazard the next review date of each hazard and how many reported safety issues were associated with each hazard within multiple time frames you can easily order your risks from greatest to least concern with the arrows to the right and finally you can easily export all of this information to excel a PDF CSV or Word document the next tab features a more in-depth look at the management behind each risk this tab gives management a comprehensive overview of their programs hazards what has been done and what may be needed for each hazard in the future here we can see a list of each of our hazards each hazards risk description control measures for each hazard the priority that has been assigned for the hazard as well as the initial and residual risk assessment based on this information management should quickly be able to see which risks need to be prioritized like the previous tab this information can be exported to multiple file types the hazard risk registers last tab displays a list of how many times each hazard has been associated with reported safety issues in the past 12 months as well as the control measures in place for each risk allowing management to see if they are adequately controlling the hazards that are being reported as you can see the hazard risk register is no ordinary register it's a.

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