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Before work can start on the installations the entire work area is carefully checked this is done by de Vega gas analysts who are notified by fax of where they are to be deployed for their own protection all gasp analysts carry the X a.m. 5000 equipped with the very latest measurement equipment the gas analyst then carried out a number of tests on-site first the gas analyst conducts an explosive gas and co2 measurement using the X a.m. 7000 gas detector combined with a floating probe after a few moments he has to precise measured values the display shows immediately that there is no risk of explosion here the readings are documented immediately and later presented to the plant operator based on the individual circumstances on-site another measurement is performed according to the measurement strategy this time the gas analyst uses the Vega ship measurement system CMS with this instrument he can conduct substance specific measurements and is precisely during this measurement the device flags up a relevant reading at 10 ppm the benzene content where this crew is working is too high for the Vega gas analyst Corden's of the area and initiate additional steps now further equipment from the dragger shop comes into play the high benzene concentration is to be reduced by means of ventilation this is done using explosion-proof fans which are installed inside the area where the crew is working after 24 hours of ventilation the gas analyst begins his measurement cycle again now that the readings are okay the gas analyst documents his measurement results and passes them on to the operator he then gives the green light for the crew to begin work again firstly a continuous gas detection system is installed in the area where the work is to take place Vega uses the Vega Exxon 5000 data tag dear area monitoring system these monitors can be individually configured to which other gases are present in the ambient air furthermore up to 25 devices can be interconnected to create a wireless alarm chain in the event of a gas alarm inside the area where the crew is working padega exone 5000 will not only warn personnel in the local area but also trigger the alarm on every other device such as those installed in the vicinity of the safety officers next the lighting is installed this is also available from a Plager shop the lighting is explosion proof and the isolating transformer is installed outside the area where the crew is working only the explosion-proof floodlight is installed inside the first Safety Officer takes over his work area and is provided with the following standard equipment as well as a fire extinguisher the Safety Officer is equipped with a gas detector and a horn for sounding the alarm the safety officer checks the access permit and remove the no entry sign it's only now that the contractors are allowed to access their workplaces strict regulations and even stricter adherence to.

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