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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing blank jsa pdf

Instructions and Help about blank jsa pdf

Welcome back everyone the first exam soft video we looked at how to create folders in which to put your questions the second video we looked at how to create a basic multiple-choice question and today we're gonna look at creating some of the more advanced questions specifically I want to focus on creating fill-in-the-blank questions and matching columns so to do that the first thing you do is we did last time is just drag your mouse over the folder in which you want to create the question since the question I'm going to be creating is a little bit more general today I'm gonna drag over the unit title and then I'm gonna click on create new question now instead of clicking on multiple-choice I'm gonna do fill in the blank you can see you can also create essay and true/false questions those are actually pretty self-explanatory so I'm really gonna focus specifically on fill in the blank and matching today you're gonna be given an empty box just like last time all you really have to do to start is to write out you are fill in the blank question so I'm gonna say the poem and then put a blank compares America to a mother seated in the adamant okay so now that you've written out the line that has the fill in the blank in it what you want to do is click right next to the blank only after you've clicked right next to the link should you click on add a new blank what that's gonna now allow you to do is place next to number one you can see the corresponding one up here you'll place next to number one whatever the answer is to the question so I'm gonna put America and then be careful to spell it correctly now if they put America it'll register as the correct answer caps do not matter so if they capitalized or they don't capitalize any of the letters they'll still get full credit which is a great feature let's say though you want to accept two different answers in the blank what you can do is add this typed key the pipe key is very rarely used but if you hit shift and then hit the key right above enter return it'll drop to this pipe and now right next to it you can put in alternative answers so here I'm going to put America in quotes because really they quote a poem so if they put America with or without the quotes they'll get full credit for this particular question so that's how you make a basic fill in the blank question I would then go through the title group etc as we did last time and then of course when you were done with all of that you would click on approve and that would enter the question into the system I'm actually not gonna do that right now because.